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current disaster
Apr. 29th, 2008 @ 02:27 am my one Really, REALLY bad day.
looks like: work
feels like: crankycranky
listening to: none
so i had last saturday off and it was in the 30's for temp. when i got home from work i had no heat. it was 51 degrees. and... AND i had no internet. which one do you think pissed me off more?


the internets.

anyway... 298 dollars later, the nice furnace guy fixed me up with Heat! Glorious Heat! and promptly forgot his toolbox.

so we ended up playing phone tag on sunday until he knocked on my door at 3pm to wake me up and get his tools.

got up about 7ish pm to go to work and ... my coffee pot died.

my vacation is just not coming soon enough. :-/