As i whore myself for Google...

i'm using Chrome right now. if you haven't heard, it's the new browser designed (and coded) by Google's. i have to say ...

CHROME ROCKS!!!!!!!!(one)!!!!!!!!

it is faster than, renders pages better than, is prettier than Internet Explorer AND Firefox (don't know about Safari though). it also has some really cool bells and whistles that the other browsers are going to have to hurry up and copy if they want to stay on top. it's hard to describe when you're tired and i want to go to bed. so... go to the Chrome link [clicky] and watch the videos or read the comic book. right now it only runs on Windows OS but they're working on Mac, Linux and Solaris compatibility.
happy dawg

and... i'm back.

tonight is my first night back after 11 days off. yep E-LEV-EN days off. it was delicious. thanksforasking. ;-)

i went to mom and dads to see my mom and annoy my dad. (mission accomplished) went to my brothers' graduation (he now has a bachelors in nursing. yay! and new camera took a mini movie of him getting on stage. it was really slick and well worth the money spent). then i used the rest of my time off being annoyed at Charter internet tech support.

for my tax refund i decided to pay bills, save some and then spend 100 or less on a new camera. for our "economic stimulus" doodad thingy i figured... if, IF i can find a new computer for less than 500 (just the cpu, mind you) that runs WinXP, it's MINE.

most of the rest of my vacation was spent trying to get new bessie hooked up to the internets. apparently when i bought my own modem FOUR YEARS AGO, charter fucked up and never changed my ip addy. so i ended up with NO INTERNET for over 24 hrs. yeah, it's no big deal at mom and dads 'cause there were plenty of other things to do. but at home? i'm just now getting over the nightmares. i had to go through THREE tech guys the first night and ONE woman the next day to get my internet working.

what does that tell me? it takes 3 men to do the work of 1 woman. ;-)

anyway... new bessie is an Emachine with 2GB processor, 1GB RAM and 130? 150? GB hard drive. since i already have a 350GB external HD that's a moot point. but most everything is working just swimmingly. i haven't added MS office 2003 yet and i'm wondering if i really want to. *shrug* i'll add it if i have to, but i just don't see the point right now. Open Office works just as well and the price is right. heh, on the other hand, MS office is already bought and paid for so... i guess i'll flip a quarter.

what else? i got hooked on crocheting again thanks to littlecurvieme and seriously? that website ROCKS! tons of free patterns and ... and STUFF! it's for knitters and crocheters and is *well* worth the wait to get in. it only took about a week or two to get my invite. but ... it's just cool. as much as i like, this just blows it out of the water.

well, that's about it for me right now, i have to get back to work.

if anyone can come up with a new name for the new bessie, let me know. i'm leaning towards Gert or Vyqlet. (that's pronounced "vi-let". the Q is silent 'cause we're sooooo 2008.)

my one Really, REALLY bad day.

so i had last saturday off and it was in the 30's for temp. when i got home from work i had no heat. it was 51 degrees. and... AND i had no internet. which one do you think pissed me off more?


the internets.

anyway... 298 dollars later, the nice furnace guy fixed me up with Heat! Glorious Heat! and promptly forgot his toolbox.

so we ended up playing phone tag on sunday until he knocked on my door at 3pm to wake me up and get his tools.

got up about 7ish pm to go to work and ... my coffee pot died.

my vacation is just not coming soon enough. :-/

So... new camera

so far, i'm *really* impressed with the quality of pics & features vs. price. unfortunately, i can't get a picture of Precious without her a) glomming onto me so my leg, arm, whatever is in the shot, or b) moving at the wrong moment so it's all blurry. grrrr!!

so, i give you... lilacs!

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for a brief while, they had LJ blocked at work. for whatever reason, it's un-blocked now, so... go me!

anywho... got my state tax money back so i broke down and bought My First Digital Camera.


i apologize in advance. oh yes. we'll be having Pictures o' the Precious and ... AND lilac buds. 'cause the buds are on the lilac bushes. that means it's SPRING. FINALLY. w00t!

now, back to catching up with everyone... :-)

I'm all a'twitter!

i have joined the Twitter minions: whatever1013

right now i'm at work, juggling calls with o/c scheduling. fortunately, whoever does 1903 has changed up. they used to have the handwriting of a serial killer but now it's actually legible! very neat printing. i'm way impressed.

so, i'm *trying* to catch up.

no, seriously.

with the exception of Binah's stroke, i decided to just go back to january 1st and catch up from there. i think if i tried to go back further, i'd sprain something.

and i need new icons. something fun and frivolous. and dorky.

once i figure out how to do the lists thing, i'll probably post more about work. or maybe not. the things i'd love to natter about are just NOT repeatable in polite company.

gotta go!
lotr, treebeard, billy boyd

and ANOTHER style change...

so, if i spent as much time updating as i did dinking with the colors and styles i'd have more content, yes? ;-)

thanks everyone for your comments. i'm going to try and get back in the swing of writing (and reading!) some every day so i can catch up.


this was SUPPOSED to be my night off, but here i am at work. two sick calls last night so.... *shrug* i could use the money. more later tonight (i hope!).
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