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Sure. Fine. Whatever

(i'm not as funny as i think i am)

31 August 1963
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This is the LJ account that I didn't use, so now it's for FanFic recs. It's primarily Smallville CLex 'cause I'm a whore for pretty boys in love and the Clark/Lex pairing is one of the prettiest ones out there.

I'll note Title, Author, Rating, Pairing, Size of story and a brief review and/or synopsis. I'll link the authors main website whenever possible.

Most of the stories will be NC-17 ('cause i like my pretty boys nekkid and sweaty) and have a happy-happy feel good ending. If I do rec something different, I'll note that too and i'll tell you why.

My goal is to have a list of my favorites here with a smattering of assorted links, quizz-thingys, and vague fannish related stuff. You may see stuff from other fandoms too, but with the addition of tags, that should be easily avoidable if you choose.

Uhm? What else? My life is boring.